MATSUFUJI / Carry Pocket Cow Leather Jacket

MATSUFUJI / Carry Pocket Cow Leather Jacket

Yesterday was a day off.

After running the Shimonoseki marathon, my knee was sore and sore, so I looked it up and it turned out to be this. .

After I passed 8km, my knees stopped working.

Yesterday I ran for the first time in about a month.
This is my first run of the year.

Run on your favorite course under an elevated track with few traffic lights.

Even though I felt good halfway through, my knees just weren't working anymore at the 8km mark. . .

Even though I took a month off, the situation hasn't changed. .
When will it heal? .
If I stop running, my only hobby will be drinking alcohol.
I'm getting fat. .

Those who are familiar with knee pain.
Help me! !

Well, even though my muscles are a little sore after running for the first time in a month, I would like to move on to the main topic.

Carry Pocket Cow Leather Jacket

col. black

price ¥187,000 (tax included)

Released today is Saturday, January 13th, which is this weekend.
Introducing the carry pocket cow leather jacket from MATUFUJI 24SS 1st delivery.

The MATSUFUJI 24SS cow leather jacket was highly praised by my boss after the exhibition.

The leather is made from domestic raw hides and finished with only dyes without using pigments, allowing you to feel the original expression of the leather.
The silhouette can be changed with a cord at the waist.
The cord at the waist has the detailing found in military jackets, giving it a relaxed silhouette, yet giving it a mature and cool look.

It features a round collar and gusseted waist pockets, and the pockets have plenty of storage space.
And the sense of security when you put your hands on it.
This is important, isn't it?

I didn't go to the exhibition at that time, but this leather jacket really impressed my boss.
I can't wait to see the actual product. .

Please wait for the release this weekend.

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