MATSUFUJI 23AW 3rd delivery

MATSUFUJI 23AW 3rd delivery

Finally released.

Netflix presents live-action version of "ONE PIECE".

Released on August 31st, I watched all 8 episodes in 2 days.

I'm sure everyone who has seen the original One Piece has different opinions, but my thoughts are...

・The video must have cost a huge amount of money.

・Luffy is Luffy.

・The voice actors for the dubbed version are the same as the anime and it's super hot.

・The Merry, fishmen, sea kings, and Denden insects are too scary if they are made real.

・What's wrong, Kuina?

・No, no, no, nojiko! ?

That's what it feels like.

I really enjoyed watching the Straw Hat Pirates with a generally convincing cast.

I'm also very curious about the sequel.

I'm looking forward to season 2 as well.

Well, speaking of looking forward to this weekend's arrival.

This is the release.

23AW 3rd delivery

MATSUFUJI will be releasing the 3rd delivery this weekend on September 9th (Saturday), so we will publish the list of items in stock in advance.

Melton High Neck Coat

col. black

price ¥86,900 (tax included)

High neck melton coat.

We use Super 110'S Melton, which is fulled for more time than before and has a unique firmness and high moisturizing properties.

Slit holes in the waist pockets allow access to inner pockets and pants.

Denim Work Jacket

col. indigo / black

price ¥50,600 (tax included)

Denim work jacket.

Made of 12oz denim with uneven yarn recycled from fallen cotton A design with various details such as the pockets and shoulder patches left behind after being removed.

Denim Wide Trousers

col. indigo / black

price ¥42,900 (tax included)

Denim wide pants.

Made of 12oz denim with uneven yarn recycled from fallen cotton.A design that leaves behind various details such as pockets and adjusters.
That's all.
This is the last delivery of MATSUFUJI 23AW.
Thank you for the cool items until the end.
Look forward to it everyone.

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