MATSUFUJI 23SS 3rd delivery

MATSUFUJI 23SS 3rd delivery

Good evening.

Personally, I had the best time yesterday on my day off, doing housework, going for a run, going to the dentist, and watching a movie at home.

I think everyone has the best movie they've ever seen, but what is your number one movie?

I watched it yesterday for the first time in 5-6 years, and this was definitely my number one.

"The strongest two"

It's a French comedy-drama film released in 2011, but I don't know of any other movie that can make you laugh, cry, and think so much.

The movie is a comical depiction of the interaction between a millionaire who has become physically disabled due to a spinal cord injury and the poor immigrant young man who becomes his caretaker, but it's good from the beginning.

Around the time I was listening to September at full blast in my car.

Doris is a delinquent who doesn't treat people with disabilities in a positive way.
The relationship between Philip and Philip who liked that was really good.

It's also great that it's based on a true story.

It's a very famous movie, but if you haven't seen it, I really recommend you watch it.

Now, leaving that aside, MATSUFUJI will be releasing the 3rd delivery tomorrow, so let's talk about its contents.

23SS 3rd delivery

MATSUFUJI was delivered for the second time this month.
Type 2 will be released tomorrow.

Multi Check Pullover Jacket

col. multi

price ¥39,600 (tax included)

A pullover jacket made of original checked fabric.
Using polyester, rayon, and stretch as a base material to reduce wrinkles and stress, we created an original fabric with a mesh structure that gives a refreshing feel.
Pockets on both side seams.

Zip Up Knit Cardigan

col. charcoal

price ¥58,300 (tax included)

ZIP UP jacquard knit blouson.
A design that mixes curled yarn with a thick cord yarn as a base, and incorporates the characteristic " bili " of curled yarn into a floral graphic.
It is assembled with double jacquard knitting, and the motif is made of bag jacquard to create a three-dimensional effect.

That's all.

A zip-up cardigan that stands out from the multi-check pullover, which is a different material from the denim pullover that was very popular in the 1st delivery.

This is once again something to look forward to.

Both in-store and online...

Release starts on February 18th (Sat)! !

If you are interested, please take a look at the online page.

MATSUFUJI mail order page

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