MATSUFUJI 2024SS 1st delivery

MATSUFUJI 2024SS 1st delivery

Today is Coming of Age Day.

Congratulations to everyone who has reached adulthood! !

And speaking of Coming of Age Day, it's the finals of the high school soccer championship tournament.

The final of this tournament, now in its 102nd year, will be between Aomori Yamada, who is aiming for his first victory in two tournaments, and Omi, who is aiming for his first victory.

It seems like there was a match just when I was having fun with my good friends.

Aomori Yamada again. . lol Too strong! !

I guess he's been training hard to keep up this kind of track record.

How can they continue to produce such stable results in a soccer game where you never know what will happen?

Even so, Fukuoka's Iizuka High School, who gave Aomori Yamada a hard time in the first match, went to a penalty kick! !

We are looking forward to Kyushu's victory next year! !

Now, let's change the subject and get to the main topic.

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2024SS 1st delivery

As the title says, MATSUFUJI 24SS 1st Delivery will be released this weekend on Saturday, January 13th.

Please take a look at what's in stock right away.

Carry Pocket Cow Leather Jacket

col. black

price ¥187,000 (tax included)

Cow leather jacket.
This leather is made from domestic raw hides and finished with dyes without any pigments, allowing you to feel the original expression of the leather.
You can change the silhouette with the waist cord.
Features a round collar and gusseted waist pockets.

Sweat Cord Cardigan

col. l.gray / red

price ¥38,500 (tax included)

sweat cardigan.
An original sweatshirt knitted with high-quality Pima yarn over time to create a fuller shape.
Features a cord that runs through the neck.

Rug Jacquard Knit

col. red / navy

price ¥49,500 (tax included)

Jacquard knit.
Using yarn that is a blend of cotton and acrylic, it combines single jacquard and links knitting to create the look of a rug.
Oversized silhouette.

Cargo Pocket Nylon Wide Trousers

col. black

price ¥35,200 (tax included)

Nylon wide pants.

Made of water-repellent and washer-treated nylon fabric, it has gusseted pockets, an adjuster at the waist, and a zipper at the hem that allows it to be converted into a tapered silhouette.

That's all.
We will post more details once the product arrives, so please look forward to it.

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