KANEMASA PHILL. 23AW 1st  delivery

KANEMASA PHILL. 23AW 1st delivery

This is my second challenge in my life.

Jujutsu Kaisen.

I think everyone knows that it's a very famous manga, but recently I started watching the anime again because I heard it was interesting.

I watched the anime about 2 years ago, but I ended up falling asleep halfway through.

This week marks the second Jujutsu Kaisen. So far, the battle between the express cursed spirit and the double-faced Sukuna that appeared in the juvenile detention center is at its peak and interesting, and then I fall asleep again. In particular, I absolutely fell asleep during the training of the main character, Yuji Kojo.

Who is Otokotsu-kun, whom I often ask about? I won't go that far at all.

If you know more, please give me a great presentation that I will continue to watch. .

Well, here's the daily manga story.

This morning, I received a notification from that brand that it was in stock.

23AW 1st delivery

PRANK STORE started selling "KANEMASA" last year.

Starting this season, the brand name will be changed to "KANEMASA PHILL." and deliveries will begin.

The release date will be the day after tomorrow, July 14th (Friday) , but we will publish the list of items in stock in advance.

Heavy Weight Scratches Waffle

col. white / black

price ¥15,950 (tax included)

Made with 100% original sustainable yarn .
Waffle tissue packed to the limit.

Waffles with a beautiful texture made with high-quality ingredients, bio-processed, and high-spec ingredients.
By post-processing ( stone washing ) at a denim factory in Okayama , the fabric has a fluffy vintage look and a beautiful look.
Washing will help stabilize the shrinkage rate, so don't worry about shrinkage after washing.

In addition, any damage is done at the same factory, where each piece is finished by hand by a craftsman.
The silhouette is a little looser, with the width subtracted from the width of the body.

Due to product washing, there may be individual differences in size.
* Individual differences will occur in each damage point .
* Since organic cotton is used, contamination may occur, but please note that this is unique to the fabric.

I'm 169cm tall and I'm wearing size L, but the silhouette is quite loose. We have sizes starting from M, but I would like to wear this waffle pullover in a larger size.

KANEMASA PHLL's first waffle item is my personal favorite ever since I tried it on at an exhibition.
I don't want to use the past 1 so easily, but this is definitely it. Past 1.
It retains the goodness of a waffle that feels good against the skin, but without the characteristic rough feeling and is high-quality and comfortable to wear. The white is not see-through either.
By adding a distressed finish that is not too overdone, it will look good even when worn alone, and it will not look unfashionable.

It's definitely the best.

Please look forward to the release the day after tomorrow.


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