KANEMASA PHIL. 4th delivery

KANEMASA PHIL. 4th delivery

Good evening.

A nice gift from a customer who has been visiting us recently.

"SHARETORAN? FUKUOKA" pun and egg.

As the name suggests, the packaging is stylish.

When you open the egg carton, you'll find an egg-shaped croissant inside the egg carton.

The croissants have custard and chocolate sauce inside, which makes them delicious.

The visual impact and taste are perfect, and I would definitely buy this as a gift or souvenir.

If you have never eaten it, please try it.

Now on to the main topic.

Announcement of arrival today.

4th delivery

4th delivery has already arrived from KANEMASA PHIL.

So let's start with the arrival list.

Piece Dyeing Denim Coverall

col. n black

price ¥36,300 (tax included)

A classic blouson with a good width.
We have updated it a little from the previous season so that you can see the quality of the textile even more.

Piece Dyeing Denim Padded Vest

col. n black

price ¥41,800 (tax included)

A vest filled with batting.
Duck vest item.
With a reverse zipper, the size is easy to use for layering.
This is a new proposal that uses high-quality nylon for the lining.

Piece Dyeing Denim Work Pants

col. n black

price ¥33,000 (tax included)

Excerpt from the details of work pants.
The double knees are characteristic.
Although it is made to be large overall, there is a drawcord at the waist, so you can wear it regardless of your size.

Above is the " Piece Dyeing Denim" series, which can be made into 3 pieces .

This arrived at the store on August 29th.

It will be released on Friday, September 1st.

looking forward to.

And speaking of fun, here it is.

MASU 3rd delivery

We have received many inquiries since we posted the information on Instagram and blog.

Two days later! ! !

MASU online page

MASU 3rd delivery details blog

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