KANEMASA PHIL. / Check Jersey Shirt , Wide Slacks

KANEMASA PHIL. / Check Jersey Shirt, Wide Slacks

Yesterday was the Koshien final.

Congratulations to all the Keio players who defeated Sendai Ikuei, who were on the line for the summer Koshien title, and won the championship for the first time in 107 years! !

I'm happy that I went all the way to the championship after beating Okinawa Shogaku in the top 8.

Keio players would have been popular just because they were from Keio, but I wonder what would happen if they had long hair and won the Koshien championship.

An incredible youth awaits him.

I'm jealous. . .

Well, instead of that, I have to introduce the products that will be released tomorrow! !

Here it is today.


Check Jersey Shirt

col. wp cha / bc beige / green

price ¥28,600 (tax included)

It has the same silhouette as the standard shirt, but small details such as the crotch at the neck and front pockets have been changed.
The butterfly button and fold-down stitching remain the same.
A new shirt that looks and feels completely different.
A new standard check shirt proposed by KANEMASA PHIL .
Flannel shirt material made with a special knitting machine that only KANEMASA PHIL. has, the 36G jacquard machine.
As the product name suggests, it is jersey.

The pattern is formed by dyeing two types of yarn ( recycled polyester and SRO yarn ) .

Check Jersey Wide Slacks

col. wp cha / bc beige / green

price ¥31,900 (tax included)


These hyper-wide slacks have an easy fit around the waist and fall straight from the hips to the hem.
This pattern highlights the looseness and softness of the material.
When worn, the polyester side is against the skin, so you can wear it smoothly.
This season's main pants proposed by KANEMASA PHIL .

Although it can be worn as a set, it is also an item that is easy to style when worn alone.

The date has changed online,

Released from 00:00 on Friday, August 25th


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