Recently, I've been drowning in Netflix for a week now...

Netflix Korean original work, "Parasyte-The Gray-"

Has anyone else seen it?

I had seen the Japanese live-action movie Parasyte, so I generally knew the plot, but it was interesting to see the story set in a completely different world.

As expected of a Netflix production, it was made with a lot of money and the story is interesting.

As is common in Korean dramas, I was completely hooked on the next episode and finished watching all six episodes in two days.

I couldn't believe the character that appeared in the final scene, but he made an unexpected and exciting appearance.

That's where they connect the dots.

I ended up starting watching the original anime from the first episode the very next day and finished it last night.

Parasyte is interesting. It's a work that makes you think about the existence of humans and many other things.

I've been watching Parasyte so much this week that my thoughts almost went in a dangerous direction.

That's dangerous, that's dangerous.

Now, let's get to the main topic.

What I would like to introduce to you is the one mentioned in the title.


First shipment in a while just in time for Golden Week.

A large shipment of sandals will arrive from ISHMM tomorrow.

This is a must-see for anyone looking for leather sandals for the summer.


Colour: brown / black

These sandals are made from a single piece of firm cowhide leather. The holes in the upper can be used as decoration or to thread laces through, allowing the wearer to style them however they like and feel.


Colour: brown / black

These sandals are made from a single piece of firm, firm leather, with leather strap decorations on the instep.
It features a lightweight, cushioned foam sole.


Colour: white / black

These cross sandals feature whip stitching. Through the painstaking process of having craftsmen hand-sew the leather straps into each hole, the difference in the amount of pressure used by the craftsman creates a lively stitch.
The materials are firm cowhide cord and cowhide. The more you wear them the more comfortable they become.

ISHMM will have three product numbers and six colors in stock.

We currently have sandals from YOKO SAKAMOTO and PETROSOLAUM in stock, so starting tomorrow we'll be having a sandal festival, so please come along.

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