Blanc YM / Silk Black Watch Short Coat

Blanc YM / Silk Black Watch Short Coat

Good evening.

I was in Okinawa until this morning and came back to Fukuoka, but the temperature difference is so great that I can't believe it's the same Japan.

I stayed in Okinawa for about 4 days, and I wore sandals most of the time, but at that time the temperature in Fukuoka was below zero lol.

I hope everyone is feeling well! ?

It's been a long time since I last went to Okinawa, and it was really great.

Whenever I go home these days, I always eat tacos from Mexico.

I went to ``Nakazaya'' after being introduced to it by a new friend from Okinawa.

I seriously want to recommend this place.

It feels like new Okinawa soba, but the soki is truly the most delicious I've ever eaten. . .

It's like a cross between Okinawa soba and ramen, so many people from outside Okinawa will like it because it's easy to eat! ?

And I finally cut off my long hair, which was a trend mark for me.

This is also the case with this fluttering hair.

This is part of the remains, but I cut it off to the size of a person's head.

Since joining PRANK STORE,

To the boss

"Long-haired glasses-kun"

When you step on a landmine

"Kimoron hair glasses"

I was given a cute nickname,

Now they are just "glasses".

If you use contacts, there will be nothing left.

I'm a little lonely.

This time I got my hair cut at the barber shop ``Ohashi'' run by two old friends.

They have great techniques and are very nice people, so if you want to get your hair cut in Okinawa, please come visit us. lol

Now, talking about Okinawa is boring, so let's talk about clothes.

Blanc YM
Silk Black Watch Short Coat×green

price ¥82,500 (tax included)

Introducing the Silk Black Watch Short Coat, which will be released tomorrow from Brand YEM, which is in its second season of handling.

A fly-front blouson with a box silhouette.

It looks simple at first glance, but when you wear it, you can clearly see the unique pattern making.

The large collar is slightly unbalanced, the shoulder width is greatly dropped, and the most distinctive feature is the silhouette of the sleeves, and the pattern is made to have extreme volume at the elbows, similar to Pilot JKT.

The material is 100% silk with a water-repellent finish.

It will go on sale tomorrow at 12:00 in stores and online.

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