Balloon jacket 改がすごく良い

Balloon jacket Kai is really good

Hello, this is Nikki Maefuri.
Tomorrow is my day off, so I have decided to go to the movie theater for the first time in a week, and after that, I have a hard moving schedule as I have to take my junior to curry and even Shisha for some reason.
But here's what we're looking for tomorrow.

A documentary film about the legendary loud rock band.
Frontman K passed away suddenly 11 years ago.
He is a band member that people of my generation who enjoyed their youth in this genre definitely know, and he is a hero to the band members who are currently active on the front lines.
I decided that no matter what, I would definitely go to this movie alone.
Because it's definitely full of emotion. (Sorry to the person who invited me.)

I may write my impressions after watching it later, so please look forward to it.

Now on to the main topic.

Today I'd like to introduce you to the one that I announced the other day that it was in stock.

Balloon jacket modified

col. beige, black

price ¥58,300 (tax included)

Demand is likely to increase as temperatures seem to have dropped over the past few days.
Balloon jacket modified from superNova.

As the item name suggests, this is a short and rounded balloon jacket.
You can wear a lot of things inside, and it has a soft atmosphere.

This time I omitted the hood and went with a high neck.
Close the zipper all the way to the top for heat retention without the need for a muffler.

The fabric is High multi-taffeta with water repellent finish. You can wear it without hesitation even on days when the weather is bad.

Cuffs can be adjusted with snap buttons.
The front pocket fits your hands well, and the inside is made of fleece material, so it's very warm.

I wore a padded blouson from the same model series yesterday during the hailstorm and rode my bike home, and it was great because it was light, super warm, and repels water.
It has all the necessary functions and a simple design that you will never get tired of, so I highly recommend it to those who don't have this kind of heavy outerwear.

The beige color will be available in one size at a time.

superNova.Online page

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