ALLEGE / Swich Rib S/S Skipper Cut Sew

ALLEGE / Swich Rib S/S Skipper Cut Sew

I found another manga that I can recommend.


A completely new work from ONE, the original creator of ``One Punch Man'' and ``Mob Psycho 100.''
I think this person is a genius who gave his all to the original work. In the web era when he even drew his own pictures, his pictures weren't very flattering, but he became a hit maker in the Bakuman style.
I thought it was a reincarnation, but it's a little different.
The unlikely setting is interesting, as it deals with various threats from the world!
There's only been a few episodes so far, so now is the time to ride this big wave, if you want to be an old-timer.

We all love manga and anime, so if you have any favorite works, please let us know. I think everyone's eyes will light up. w

That's why I'd like to introduce you to my favorite pieces that you can easily wear on your own this summer.
I'm sure you who are looking at it now are also thinking that you want something that you can wear on its own in the summer, as am I.


Swich Rib S/S Skipper Cut Sew

ALLEGE / Swich Rib S/S Skipper Cut Sew
Col: Beige / Green
Size: Size 3
24,200 yen (tax included)

A skipper T-shirt made of velor material that is smooth and has a moderately fleshy feel.
It has a loose and relaxed silhouette, so we recommend wearing it alone for a crisp look.
The key points of this outfit are the lines and color scheme of the chest and collar that give it a summery, open feel.

Although it is made of velor fabric, it can be washed at home.
(Please wash separately from other items as color may transfer.)

It doesn't look as rough as a T-shirt, and has a mature atmosphere, so it's recommended for those of you who feel that styling with just a T-shirt is not enough.

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