ALLEGE / Half Zip Cutseaw

ALLEGE / Half Zip Cutseaw

Good evening.

Last night I had so much free time that I watched it properly for the first time.

"Reiwa Tiger"

Have you seen it?

It's a reality show distributed on YouTube in which applicants who are ordinary entrepreneurs present their business plans, and judges who are investors decide whether to invest or not, but there are all kinds of people in the world. That's right.

For now, I'll start by watching the videos with the most views.

I've always liked frivolous women.

Gyakugire host 31 years old.

I was really moved by this 16-year-old Shimoda-kun.
A presentation on tuition financing or investment for a training school for ``miya carpenters'' who build and repair shrines and temples using timber construction techniques in a spectacular home environment.
The way he speaks, it's hard to believe he's 16 years old, he's honest about his dreams, and he's a good conversationalist.
I saw an amazing presentation by an adult a few minutes ago, so I really want to support him.

If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend watching it in the following order: Gyakugire Host -> Shimoda-kun, who aims to become a temple carpenter. My heart tightens with all sorts of emotions.

Well, putting that aside, let's get to the point.

Here is what I would like to introduce to you.

Half Zip Cutseaw

col. black

price ¥41,800 (tax included)

Introducing the half zip cut and sew from Allege.23AW Collection.

A pullover made of wool material that is knitted with air, giving it the right amount of volume, heat retention, and lightness.

The long stroke half zip and left chest pocket feature a silver zip that stands out against the black body.

It can be worn alone or as an inner layer.

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