A.D.S.R. 3rd delivery

ADSR 3rd delivery

Even though I'm losing weight, I'm incredibly hungover today.

It's a cheat day.

To the long-awaited tsukemen.

Neighbor ``Koryu''.

In my last blog, I talked about it as if I had eaten it myself, but this time I actually went there.

Rich tsukemen.

Commitment to noodles. Extra thick whole grain noodles. Good texture, wheat aroma.

Commitment to soup. A seafood-based soup stock that rivals pork bones. Rich.

It's great to be able to eat tsukemen of this quality so close to home.

However, my only mistake was that my boss told me that 400g was the perfect amount, so I did as he was told and ended up feeling so hungry that I almost threw up.

When you go, we recommend 300g. lol

Now on to the main topic.

The day after tomorrow, the 10th, looks like it will be glasses day.

3rd delivery

ADSR will be receiving stock on June 10th (Saturday), so please let us know.


col. Clear Gray×Green / Clear Yellow×Burgundy

price ¥19,800 (tax included)

Oval type that symbolizes the grunge scene.

As a modern approach, the top and bottom widths are lowered and resized to a sharp shape, making it genderless and highly versatile.

The white color scheme is reminiscent of the 90s, but the hybrid feel created by the gap with the shape is what makes it unique to ADSR.


col. Gold×Clear / Gold×Lt.Brown

price ¥25,300 (tax included)

Square teardrop type using flat lenses (0 curve).

Unlike regular spherical lenses, flat lenses have flat surfaces that reflect light sharply, creating an unprecedented impression.

The frame is made of metal, and the temples are a combination of metal and acetate.

That's all. We will upload it online as soon as it arrives on the 10th.

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