A.D.S.R. 2023 2nd Season 2nd Delivery

ADSR 2023 2nd Season 2nd Delivery

This is Mae Furiniki.
My recent favorite is NiziU again.
I used to be a fan of MAYUKA, but now I'm MAYA.

My sleep time is completely taken up by NiziU.
It's amazing that I, who had never turned my attention to KPOP idols, became so addicted to them.
My K is going to TWICE's live show next month, and I'd like to participate in NiziU's live show as withU someday.

Even though I said I wouldn't have a preface today, it's really terrible that I was made to write such an embarrassing preface.

But I think everyone has had some eye candy, so today I'm introducing items to protect your eyes, so please stay with me.

Well then, here you go.

ADSR 2023 2nd Season 2nd Delivery will arrive the day after tomorrow, November 25th (Saturday).

2nd Season 2nd Delivery


col. Matte Black (Lt.Blue) / Matte Black (Lt.Gray)

price ¥24,200 (tax included)

2023 2nd Season new model, "JASON".

By using elegant metal materials in a hexagonal shape that creates a variety of individuality, the edges and lines on the side of the frame are emphasized, creating a sharp and wide impression.

The exquisite sizing improves fitting performance, making it lighter and more comfortable to wear than acetate material.

The playful temple design and contrasting matte black color create a perfect overall balance, creating a finish that embodies the brand's worldview, which is a fusion of classic and modern.

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