YOKO SAKAMOTO 24SS 4th delivery

YOKO SAKAMOTO 24SS 4th delivery

Speaking of fans, there are a lot of people around me who like "twice".
I have no idea what Korean idols are.
Meanwhile, as I was watching Youtube as usual, I came across a group that seemed to be idols that caught my attention.
The name is “(G)I-DLE”

It's a quick reference to THE FIRST TAKE, but the more I look into it, the more I get confused.
Looks are of course important, but it's better to be cool than cute, and the members are overwhelmingly talented, full of individuality, and the messages of society in their songs. Above all, it's completely self-produced, which is really cool.
He's too smart about this incident.
However, I still can't decide between ``Ugi'' and ``Minni.''

This is what I would like to introduce to you today.

24SS 4th delivery

YOKO SAKAMOTO 24SS 4th delivery will arrive this weekend, February 10th (Saturday).

This time's arrival is here.


col. gray / black

price ¥36,300 (tax included)


A classic drizzler style blouson jacket.
Front double ZIP specification.
The cuffs have elastic , so they have a rough , voluminous feel that collects on your wrists.
The hem has a straight style with a droopy feel, giving it a modern look .
The thin fabric and light tailoring make it suitable for wear in a wide range of seasons .
Not only can it be worn over a shirt , but it also goes well with thin innerwear such as a T- shirt .

As mentioned above, this delivery is scheduled for one item number.
Regarding BLACK, it can also be worn as a set with " SUIT BAGGY TROUSERS " which has arrived earlier .

looking forward to.

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