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PRANK STORE About online payment methods

Good evening.

I was really looking forward to it.

Netflix original variety show "Talk Survivor 2".

It started streaming yesterday, but I immediately went home yesterday and watched 5 of the 8 episodes.

It's the survival of the show, where they give episode talks that fit the theme in a drama-style story, and if they're not interesting, they drop out, but this time from episode 1 onwards, the budget was tight and the cast was top-notch.

The one that really caught my attention was Watanabe from Unjash. lol

It came out in the middle, but Daigo Chidori's messing around with Watanabe was just too funny. lol

I hope it continues till the end of the 3rd episode.

Now, on to the main topic.

Today, in a change from my usual blog, I will be writing about online payment at PRANK STORE.

Those of you who have made mail-order purchases at PRANK STORE may be aware of the following payment methods:

・Credit card payment

・Pay Pal

·Bank transfer

We were showing you around.

However, with the recent advancement of cashless payments, various payment methods are now available, and there are an increasing number of cases where we are unable to respond when customers from outside the prefecture ask, "Do you accept payments for 〇〇?" We would like to increase this as much as possible.

Therefore, we have newly added payment methods, so let's start with how to use them.


What is Paidy?

This is a payment service for e-commerce sites that allows you to easily make deferred payments with just a smartphone.

Consumers select Paidy as their payment method in the online shop, enter their email address and mobile number , and enter the 4-digit verification number received via SMS to purchase the product.

After that, you will be notified of the invoice amount by email and SMS between the 1st and 3rd of the following month, and you will have to pay by convenience store payment, bank transfer, or account transfer by the 10th of the following month.

The only information required to pay with Paidy is your email address and mobile number .

Convenience store payments or bank transfers are possible, and credit card registration is not required, so it can be used by young people and elderly people who do not have credit cards.

Furthermore, unlike convenience store payment, you can receive the product before paying.

Advantages of using Paydi

  1. Complete your purchase immediately by entering your email address and mobile number

  2. You can consolidate payments for the current month's purchases into one payment for the following month.

  3. Payment in installments (3 payments in arrears) is also possible.

  4. Payment can be made at convenience stores, banks, or bank transfers.

  5. Item will be delivered before payment

Payment is easy with just an email address and mobile number.

Number 3 is safe, especially when purchasing expensive items.

In this blog, we will also guide you through the payment process up to Paydi.

This is the homepage screen

For example, let's say you want to purchase this product.

Next, choose your desired color and size
Tap the [Purchase with shop Pay] button below.

Then you will be redirected to this page.
After entering the required input items below
You can choose the payment method.

Paidy has been added here.

If you check the box here, you can make Paidy payment.

I think there are more and more convenient payment methods available, so if you have any items you've been hesitant about purchasing, please take this opportunity to consider them.

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