summer "柄パン"

summer "patterned pants"

Good evening.

I started watching it after I got home yesterday, and it turned out to be the Japan national soccer team's Kirin Challenge Cup!

VS El Salvador!

It's a country I don't know. lol

After work, I started watching the first half and it was Japan 4-0.
Moreover, the opponent apparently had 1 player leave early in the first half, making it 10 players.
Japan was dominating from beginning to end, and I wonder what the opponent was aiming for when they had 2 top players in that situation with 10 players! ? To be honest, I couldn't read the target lol Japan would have scored more points!

Next up is next Tuesday against Peru!
Looks like it's going to be an interesting match!
I couldn't see Mitoma yesterday as he retired in the first half, so I definitely want to see him in the match against Peru!

It’s been a while since I played soccer!

Of course, what I'm introducing today has nothing to do with soccer!

Here it is!

summer "patterned pants"

That's right, today's blog is about summer items that have been getting a lot of attention lately.

This time, I would like to introduce about three patterned pants that are available at PRANK STORE.

First, let's start with MATSUFUJI.

Rare Things Print Trousers


price ¥40,700 (tax included)

original graphics Wide trousers.
The glossy and refreshing texture unique to 100% rayon.
The design is a combination of work pants and pajama pants.

MATSUFUJI online page

Next up is superNova.

Relax easy pant - Paisley jacquard

col. beige×brown / black×navy

price ¥29,700 (tax included)

Easy pants with a relaxed silhouette made of original paisley jacquard. The paisley pattern has been newly designed and produced in an impressive slightly larger pattern.

The yarn is antibacterial and deodorized, and the fabric is thin, making it easy to wear during the spring and summer seasons.

The waist is made of elastic and can be adjusted using the inner spindle, and the front opening has a zipper and belt loops, allowing you to use a belt.

The one-tuck design provides room around the waist for a relaxed fit. Mesh material is used for the bag cloth.


superNova.Online page

Finally, from NULABEL.


col. forest green

price ¥49,500 (tax included)

Easy trousers with tie-dye.
Dyeing and discharge printing are done using Arimatsu Narumi Shibori, a traditional craft of Aichi Prefecture.
Undyed recycled nylon is dyed by hand, then tied up and discharge dyed to create the pattern. The two colors adopted this time are based on the image of colors that can coexist in nature, and were dyed as original colors.
All products have different expressions.

NULABEL online page

These are the three types of patterned breads that are recommended at PRANK STORE this season.

Speaking of the benefits of patterned pants in the summer, even though I kept it simple with just a pair of white tees in the photo I wore this time, patterned pants look different just by wearing them.

This is the season when layering tops becomes difficult, so I think it's easy to balance the colors in your styling and take on challenges.

Those who are tired of monotonous styling!
Why not try this challenge for summer! ?

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