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NULABEL [New Label]

A joint work with BLACKETS, which is based on the European project FRUIT OF THE LOOM's T-SHIRT and is naturally dyed.
This item is dyed with persimmon tannin dyeing and kure dyeing, which have been popular in Japan since ancient times.
The ounce of the body is a little heavier than those distributed in Japan, making it an item that can be worn alone.
Kakishibu dyeing is dyeing using a liquid that has been harvested from persimmons and aged for three years or more, and kurazome is a dyeing method in which persimmon tannin dyeing is made by mordanting the persimmon tannin with iron-containing water to turn it black. It's technology. Tannin has deodorizing and deodorizing effects, strengthens durability, and provides waterproofing effects.
Because it is hand-dyed, each piece has a unique look. It will change over time as you wear it and can be re-dyed.

Size L Shoulder width: 51cm / Body width: 53cm / Length: 70.5cm / Sleeve length: 20cm
Size XL Shoulder width: 54cm / Body width: 56cm / Length: 73cm / Sleeve length: 21cm

*There may be slight differences in size depending on the product dyeing.

<Material> SHELL: 100% COTTON

NULABEL [New Label]

DESIGNER: Hiroaki Hamada

From the 2020 fall/winter season, the brand name will be changed from Portvel to New Label.

New Label (NULABEL) is a Japanese casual brand.

We create functional wear that can be adapted to various fields and simplify modern life, and propose a fashion approach that naturally emerges from this.