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Lamrof "Boro slanted sleeveless"

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〜Product Description〜

The hem is boldly cut diagonally, the front has a V-neck skipper, and the sleeveless thermal has a distressed finish throughout.
This season's thin waffle fabric is used, making it cool to wear.
This item is useful not only for midsummer, but also for layered styles that take advantage of the long hem.

Shoulder width: 37.5cm / Width: 48cm / Length: 71.5cm
Shoulder width: 40cm / Width: 50cm / Length: 73.5cm


Designer: Daisuke Sakamoto

“Lamrof” was launched in 2021 by Daisuke Sakamoto, a designer from Sendai.
The brand name, Lamrof, uses the backward spelling that was popular among African jazz musicians in the 1940s, and reverses the word ``Formal'' to mean ``wearing formal attire as the ideological opposite.'' It pays homage to the history and culture of African Americans, who have had a tremendous impact on the world.
The highly unique and high-quality collections, which are not biased towards general modern trends, are created by the backbone of a designer who has gained experience working with various famous brands and is currently involved in numerous visual creations. It's being poured into it.