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HIDAKA's classic ping pong messenger bag.
Focusing on the nerdy motif of table tennis, the kitschy design features a racket case placed inside a messenger bag.
The slider uses an original carabiner-type zipper top.
The material is water-repellent nylon that has been specially compressed, and the fabric has a natural vintage feel and unique texture.


Size ONE Height : 40cm / Gusset: 17cm / Bottom width: 44cm

NYLON 100%


DESIGNER: Mr. Shun Hidaka

Studied at Bunka Fashion College and Kokono Gakko and created an installation at ``FASHION MOMENT TOKYO'' produced by Yoshikazu Yamagata and Mikiro Sakabe.
We exhibited our works at ``ROOMS'', one of the largest exhibitions in Japan, and started developing our brand from the 2017 Spring/Summer collection.
Based on the concept of "Discovery to existing intellect," by adding the brand's unique minimalistic essence to everyday items, we create a dual experience of "excitement in the unknown" and "relief in the known." express.