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Pants with a combination of lace and jersey.
Fully lined specifications.
The signature angel monogram is combined with a lace-like jacquard and a jersey reminiscent of functional sportswear.
It has a loose silhouette and is designed to emphasize its transparency.
A piece that quietly asserts the brand's identity.

[Size 44] Wearing staff: Height 169cm
Waist: 70-76cm / Rise: 33.5cm / Inseam: 75cm / Waist: 32cm / Hem width: 28.5cm

[Size 46]
Waist: 72-78cm / Rise: 34cm / Inseam: 76cm / Waist: 34cm / Hem width: 29.5cm


DESIGNER: Mr. Shinpei Goto

The name comes from the polite word "masu", and the name reflects our desire to re-evaluate even the most used language expressions, and to continue to be a brand that maintains a polite attitude, just as the name suggests.
Vintage wear has fascinated him since he was a boy, and the thoughts, philosophy, historical background, and exciting ideas of vintage wear are elements that have a great influence on his collections.
We sincerely face the symbols of clothing styles and materials that have been created through the accumulation of history, and advocate ``making clothes that can be vintage for someone'' and will be loved over time.