KANEMASA PHIL. "36G Super Fine Gauge Half Zip Pullover"

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All around the ribs are sewn with blouse to create a loose design. It has relaxing details that contrast with the shiny fabric .

The colors are classic black, seasonal colors blue and pink, and a color palette that follows the seasonal theme.
In addition, starting this season, we will wash and finish the product to prevent shrinkage after washing. In addition, only three colors other than the standard colors are finished with ozone processing,
giving this half-zip pullover a moderately loose feel.
We have updated the standard shape to a slightly more compact size.

By calculating every part, from the armholes and width of the body to the hood , and drawing a pattern, we maximize the potential of the fabric.
It has a rounded box silhouette, making it suitable for layering.
We continue to use the standard side slash pockets.
The height of the collar is adjusted so that when worn open, it is balanced so that it does not touch the mouth, and even when worn open, the collar is folded neatly. KANEMASA's classic exclusive pullover made with luxurious fabrics .
By knitting with a 36G fleece machine, which is the only one in Japan , we have created a unique material that has never been seen before.
Nylon thread is blended into the middle thread to create a unique stretch and firm feel.
The ultra-fine brushing on the surface gives it an indescribable slimy feel, and combined with the high gauge, it has a softer texture.
It is sewn at one of Japan's leading cut-and-sew factories, and the thick, high-density fabric, which is said to be difficult to sew, is beautifully finished.

[Size L]
72cm / Shoulder width: 64cm / Bust: 68cm / Sleeve length: 61cm

Cotton (recycle organic) 78% / NYLON (recycle) 19% / POLYESTER 3%


A brand that originated from a circular knit manufacturer headquartered in Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture, which started in 2021 SS.
All items are made using super high gauge knit.
Everything from raw materials to knitting, dyeing, and sewing is original only to KANEMASA.
We propose products with unprecedented new value.

At its core, we find value in good things, beautiful things, historical and universal things, and propose a sophisticated new standard style.
We provide our customers with "free values" and "good quality" born from a firm sense of aesthetics.