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NULABEL [New Label]

A hunting jacket made from a Cordura and cotton blend.
By folding the hem like origami, you can wear it in two styles: short and long.
The back side functions as a game pocket when short.
There are a total of 8 pockets on the front, which are also functional.

[Size M]

Staff wearing: Height: 175cm
Shoulder width: 50cm / Body width: 62cm / Sleeve length: 59cm / Length: 72cm (jacket) 105cm (coat)

COTTON 60% / NYLON 40%

NULABEL [New Label]

DESIGNER: Hiroaki Hamada

From the 2020 fall/winter season, the brand name will be changed from Portvel to New Label.
New Label (NULABEL) is a Japanese casual brand.
We create functional wear that can be adapted to various fields and simplify modern life, and propose a fashion approach that naturally emerges from this.