Good evening.

I finally ran over 800km this year! !

I apologize to Mr. O-Kyokudai, who has been guiding me, but I am really disappointed that from the end of August to the beginning of September, I had to take a break from running for about 10 days due to so many things happening.

I started running the day before yesterday, so I'll start here again.

By the way, when I was watching yesterday's talk about ``Hitoshi Matsumoto's story about how he became a sake knob,'' about something he used to hate but came to love, I suddenly thought about it when I was watching Macchan's talk about how he used to hate macho men. However, I remembered that when I was a student, I hated the running of club activities to death lol.

The day before the entrée, I took a bath with cold water and went to bed with my head dry to catch a cold.

Why am I running like this now that I'm an adult lol

Well, today I'd like to introduce you to this one that arrived today.

2nd delivery

The other day I announced on my blog the arrival date of YOKO SAKAMOTO.

Among them is a leather big jacket.


col. black

price ¥143,000 (tax included)

An oversized jacket with bold dropped shoulders .
Classic tailoring with two buttons on the front .
A tailored jacket that can be worn like an outer layer .
A relaxed and stress-free size that can be worn over any outfit.
Cupra is used for the lining , so it is smooth and comfortable to wear .

There was a similar story at the beginning, but the truth is that I don't like leather jackets.
I just thought it didn't suit me.
However, since I discovered YOKO SAKAMOTO's leather jacket last year, I have worn it an incredible number of times.

In the end, I always admired leather jackets, but I didn't like leather jackets that were just the right size.

This big leather jacket from YOKO SAKAMOTO solved that problem.

I went from not liking leather jackets to loving them.

Not only is it oversized, but it still has an elegant and mature look, so I think it will be a long-term companion.

Everyone, please try it at the store.

YOKO SAKAMOTO online page

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