TTT MSW 24SS 4th delivery

TTT MSW 24SS 4th delivery

Good evening.

I'm going back to Okinawa from tomorrow until Sunday morning, so I'm excited.

I'm having so much fun~

There will be a rush of arrival of demons this weekend, so I feel sorry for returning home at such a busy time.

I'm going to Okinawa for my best friend's wedding! !

I'm looking forward to it just thinking about it.

It's a strange feeling to feel sorry and excited at the same time.

Ah, by returning to Okinawa this time, I would like to quit wearing long hair, which has become synonymous with me! !

I've been wearing long hair for 6 years, but I'm getting tired of it, and I'm starting to hate the length of time it takes to use the hair dryer. .

Starting this weekend on Sunday, I will be standing at PRANK, so I hope to see you in a refreshing new way! !

Well, leaving aside such trivial matters, let's get down to business since it's just before closing time.

Go to this topic.

24SS 4th delivery

This season's arrival is finally coming to an end for the brand, and 24SS 4th delivery will be released by TTT MSW.

The store is scheduled to be released on February 24th (Saturday), which is the arrival date! !

Check out the arrival list now.

New standard wide pants

col. green / gray / navy

price ¥25,300 (tax included)

Military pants

col. gray / black

price ¥46,200 (tax included)

As mentioned above, this time's arrival will be the bottom 2 item number.

This is what I showed you at the beginning of the blog yesterday.


It will arrive on the same day, but will be released on February 27th (Tuesday).
looking forward to! !

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