Good evening.

First of all, a notice.

We regret to inform you that our store will be closed on Wednesday, June 14th .

The reason is...

This will be my first attempt at PRANK STORE, but I'm going on a company trip to Nagasaki for a short day lol

Personally, I wonder if it's been years since I've been to Nagasaki. I'm really looking forward to Nagasaki, which I used to visit five or six times a year because of my connections.

Champon, Chinese food, chawanmushi, sashimi, braised steamed buns, castella, etc. If you list all the things you want to eat, you'll never be bored.

From morning until night, I eat while walking around with a highball in hand! !

I will report on the details on my blog, so please look forward to it! !

Now, I would like to move on to the main topic.

Today, we would like to once again introduce the NOCHINO OPTICAL limited color items that were released yesterday.


col. crystal clear × green gray to d.grey

price. 35,200 (tax included)

A signature model of NOCHINO OPTICAL, which bears the brand name.
This time, we are introducing a limited edition color, Crystal Clear.

The frame is completely transparent, like crystal, and the carved arms inside the temples give it a luxurious look.

The caulking parts that connect the hinges are carefully polished one by one by skilled craftsmen using a finishing method called ``sharidashi'', in which they are polished after being placed in plastic.
The 2-curve lens that symbolizes the NOCHINO OPTICAL brand is neither flat nor the typical curved type, but has a beautiful curved surface that retains the vestiges of old hand-cut glass lenses, giving it a luxurious feel with its shiny surface.

The lens color is an original dyed lens that can be said to be an icon for NOCHINO, and it is a photochromic lens that changes from light gray green to dark gray.

Photochromic lenses change the density of the lens color depending on the amount of ultraviolet rays, blue light, and sunlight.
If you compare the photos above and below, you can see that there is a big difference.

An excellent item to wear indoors with light-colored lenses that can be used as sunglasses when you go outdoors.
When you're walking around town, it's nice not to have to take off your glasses when you enter a store.

This crystal clear color is a limited edition item, so if you are interested, please give it a try.


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