MEIAS 23AW 1st delivery

MEIAS 23AW 1st delivery

Good evening.

I finally downloaded it.

Pokemon Scarlet "Zero's Treasure".

As its reputation suggests, it's very interesting! !

Rumor has it that the first part will be completed in about 4 hours.

So the first play was about an hour.

We have to play carefully and carefully.

Decide to only do it on your days off and work hard.

To all the Pokemon Masters reading my blog! !

Let's exchange useful information! !

Well, today we received a shipment from a certain brand, so let's talk about that.

23AW 1st delivery

The 1st delivery from MEIAS 23AW Collection has arrived, so we would like to introduce the arrival list.


price ¥29,700 (tax included)

A basic polo knit.
It is a size that can be worn just the right size.
The cuffs, hem, and collar are twice as thick as the body to add strength to reduce the stress when putting them on and taking them off.The tips of the collar and the bottom of the sleeves are also sharpened, adding a technique unique to knitwear.
In addition, bag linking is used to prevent seam allowances from appearing at the collar for a neat and clean finish.
The placket is made with a winged design that cannot be seen from the front, making this piece a simple yet detailed piece.


col. brown

price ¥42,900 (tax included)

This is a 5G V -neck cardigan with one ridge so you can enjoy Super Kid Mohair in luxury .
By selecting one side of the knitting style that maximizes the blowing of the mohair hair, we were able to produce the mohair hair using only full-length carpet.
The armholes, bottom of the sleeves, and sides are carefully marked with three ridges, the pockets are knitted with just the right thickness of cotton jersey, and only the full needle tape on the back of the placket is one step thinner , giving it a clean look . It will be finished.
Carefully woven down to the smallest detail. The linking thread uses different colored materials except for the placket, and the armholes have an eye-catching design when going out.
We carefully considered the depth of the V- neck many times to find a balance that was neither too deep nor too shallow. A light and warm cardigan that looks great just by putting it on.


col. indigo

price ¥44,000 (tax included)

We challenged ourselves to see how far we could recreate Levis ' 2nd model using knitwear.
The thick thread of 1/1.3 count is plated with 3 fine count cotton to give it even more thickness and depth of color . The back of the jersey is used on the front to express the feel of the fabric. The placket at the end of the body is knitted with a single bag of continuous knitting, giving it a neat finish with no seam allowance. The low chest pocket gives it a Levis -like impression. This is a knit G- jean that is filled with knitting techniques and that we can be satisfied with .
One-size-fits- all indigo color available.

As mentioned above, 4 types have arrived in this shipment.

It is also posted online, so please take a look.

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