MATSUFUJI / Rare Things Print Jacket , Trousers

MATSUFUJI / Rare Things Print Jacket, Trousers

I've been away from FORTNITE for a while because I don't have the time to play, but the new season that started the other day is set in Japan, and the Attack on Titan collaboration has reignited my motivation.

There are more gimmicks that I don't know about and it looks super interesting.
I've reached the limit of what I can do on Switch, so if you have a PS4 (or PS5) or X box that you don't use, please let me know.
The music used in the ad teaser that was released ahead of the start of the new season was so cool that I looked it up and was hooked on a song by a group called ``New School Leaders''. (I recommend KANON.)

The short video I shot with my favorite Mamiko Suzuki was also cute...

So, please take a look at this setup, which I recommend from PRANK.

Rare Things Print Jacket
Rare Things Print Trousers

Today's blog introduces the Rare Thing Sprint jacket and trousers that were released the other day.

Rare Things Print Jacket

col. lime( sold out ) / navy

price ¥45,100 (tax included)

Rare Things Print Trousers

col. lime / navy

price ¥40,700 (tax included)

This is an original graphic jacket.

This time's graphic design depicts a unicorn, a fantastical and legendary creature.

This 100% rayon series is continuously released and has a unique luster and refreshing texture.

This design is a combination of a work jacket and a pajama shirt.

This is an original graphic made from the same material. It will be a wide trousers.

A design that combines work pants and pajama pants.

The waist has a drawcord so it can be worn beltless.

When setting up your outfit, we recommend not only wearing a cut-and-sew jacket or shirt inside, but also tucking in a jacket to make it look like a jumpsuit.

Also, since it is an item that can leave a big impact during the spring and summer seasons when you can't wear many layers, we hope you will enjoy using it as a simple item or as a single item.

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