MATSUFUJI Cupro Amundsen Jacket

MATSUFUJI Cupro Amundsen Jacket

Good evening.
It's now 7:11pm.
Japan national soccer team, FIFA World Cup Asian qualifiers.
12 minutes left until the match against North Korea.
It's not a big deal, but I've reached a point where I can no longer completely erase soccer from my mind.
There's only one person in the store now.
If I wanted to skip, I could just skip and watch soccer, but I'm 33 years old and can control myself, so I suppressed my desire and got down to business.

Cupro Amundsen Jacket

col. beige / charcoal

price. ¥47,300(tax in)

Introducing the Amundsen woven shirt jacket from the MATSUFUJI 24SS collection.

Created using cupro yarn both vertically and horizontally, the fabric is created using an Amundsen structure.The silhouette can be changed using the waist cord.

It is characterized by a round collar and gusseted waist pockets.
The woven cupra finish makes it smooth to the touch, thin, and breathable, so you can wear it until summer.
I want you to enjoy the feeling of drape when you wear it and move around.

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Nice Aoi Tanaka.

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