I returned from my hometown of Okinawa yesterday!
I’m home! !
Enjoy Okinawa. I may have enjoyed it too much.

This time I went to Okinawa for 3 nights and 4 days.

As soon as I arrived at the airport,

While feeding Orion students at the public market near Kokusai Street.

A public market is a style facility where fresh fish bought at the market on the first floor is cooked at a restaurant on the second floor.

I would like to get this one, imagining it to be around 1,500 yen at a fish store that doesn't even have prices listed.
The luminous shellfish I bought.

It cost 3000 yen each. . .

The lady at the fish shop was so cute that I couldn't resist. .

It was expensive, but it was good because I was able to show my cute side to the cute guy that I bought it without even looking at the price.

And this is my first visit personally. ``Sumanume'' in Naha City.

This Okinawa soba restaurant is set up in the style of an old Okinawan house and is sure to please tourists.

This is a bowl where you can enjoy the change in flavor as the richly seasoned meat stock gradually dissolves into the light soup.

it's the best.

Next is the starting lineup restaurant when I recently returned to Okinawa.

Taco shop "Mexico".

You can't go wrong no matter how many times you eat it.

It's been 3 hours since I arrived in Okinawa.

Blue Seal to cleanse your palate after eating too much.
I ate Blue Wave to death when I was a child.

Once I was satisfied with my belly, I went to my favorite Depot Island in Mihama and chilled out.

This is a plan to fully enjoy Okinawa in a short time if you are feeling impatient.

After that, I drank alcohol on the first day too! On the second day, I attended a wedding and drank until midnight! ! Drinking with high school friends on the third day! ! !

When I return to Okinawa, no matter how many livers I have, it will not be enough. . .

Ah, we have them available at the Okinawa souvenir cookie shop, so we'll give them to you as presents.

Well, I have so many memories of Okinawa that I have only sent you the highlights of the first day, but that is the main topic of today.


This is the last delivery of MASU 24SS.

I actually wanted to show you the in-stock list before the release, but I don't have time to do so.

Some colors are already sold out, so take a look! ! !


col. white / black

price ¥24,200 (tax included)

satin cap.
Uses satin with weight and dull luster.
It is characterized by long hanging parts that resemble the ears of a small animal.
The way it sways with each step has a humorous feel that excites not only the wearer, but also those around them who see it.
An item that embodies the idea of ​​simply enjoying clothes.


col. black

price ¥48,400 (tax included)


Open collar pajama shirt.
Made of cut jacquard with a glossy, gentle and light sheer feel.
The design is inspired by the Bulgarian army's pajama shirts, and features a jacket-like valance and ribbon closure details.
A piece that makes a statement even when worn casually.


col. baby pink / black

price ¥63,800 (tax included)

Cargo pants with easy pants specifications.
Made of cut jacquard with a glossy, gentle and light sheer feel.
The rugged details of cargo pants and the balance of soft fabric are distinctive.
A piece that makes a statement even when worn casually.


col. white / black

price ¥14,300 (tax included)

T -shirt with Rocky print.
From the body to the sleeves, the graphic that looks like small animal dolls holding hands has a pop meaning that everyone who wears MASU should feel like family .
The flocked print is faded by washing, which enhances the nostalgic feel of the print and allows you to enjoy the aging that occurs with repeated wear.


col. pink indigo / blue black sold out

price ¥55,000 (tax included)

Developed as MASU BOYS line.
MASU BOYS does not refer to so-called boys, but is a new slogan for the brand.
It refers to free and kind people who are like angels and are not bound by gender or age.
ZIP-UP type jeans with a very wide baggy silhouette.
Made of 13oz denim fabric.
Available in two colors: pale pink like the clouds at sunset and blue like the deep blue sky before dawn.
A silver flasher with the image of a mirror can be attached to the right back pocket.

As mentioned above, the last delivery of this season will be 5 items.

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