Good evening.

We are already approaching the middle of January.

Speaking of this time of year in Fukuoka, it's all about oysters.

I went to Itoshima on my day off yesterday.

I really wanted to have some oysters with alcohol, so I took the train and bus to Sumiyoshimaru, an oyster hut.

Kami Oyster Hut allows you to bring in rice, drinks, and seasonings.

Bring a highball and seasonings for oysters.

12 oysters for 1000 yen per kilo.

Sorry for the very dirty picture, but I tried various seasonings such as ponzu sauce, ponzu mayonnaise, butter soy sauce, etc., but the best seasoning for me is a combination of mayonnaise and garlic salt.

Sorry for the alcohol. Also, it turned out that if you put tartar sauce on it, it almost becomes fried oysters.

It was a holiday where I felt extremely superior, eating oysters and drinking alcohol during the weekday afternoon.

Even so, the uniforms at the oyster shack are tacky.

Cap, sunglasses, and work gloves.

Completely like an old man at a fishing port.

I'm really glad I didn't meet the customers lol

Well, yesterday's day off has made me feel energetic both physically and mentally, so I'm excited to get down to business.

Here is what I would like to introduce to you today.


col. silver

price ¥22,000 (tax included)

Today we are introducing a stone necklace from the HIDAKA 23SS pre-collection.

A series using simple river stones created in their natural state.
By combining the earthy elements of stone, such as ``faith,'' ``prayer,'' and ``souvenir,'' with a metallic 925 silver chain, we have created a contemporary design.

We pick up stones of the right size one by one from natural rivers and process them, so no two necklaces are the same and each top is unique.

Please be sure to choose it as your own necklace or gift.

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