First day of 2024

First day of 2024

Happy New Year.
Thank you to everyone at PRANK STORE for your continued support this year.

When I tried to take a photo with Kyan, she refused and said it would be awkward.

Aside from that,
This year's New Year's sale is a bigger deal than ever before, so please take advantage of this opportunity.

Click here for New Year's sale.

Additionally, special items from "superNova." will go on sale starting today.

There are already a few customers who have come to the store in an open dash with their eyes on it, and they are screaming with joy as there is seriously only one item left, so if you are interested, please hurry.

Click here for details.

As usual, we will be offering free drinks until January 8th (scheduled), so please come and have a toast.

I hope this year will be a fruitful year for everyone.

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