Blanc YM / Wool half zip pullover

Blanc YM / Wool half zip pullover

A Marvel drama series that I haven't been able to watch lately.
I haven't finished watching Nick Fury's solo drama ``Secret Invasion,'' which was released a while ago.
To be honest, Marvel's recent output is crap.
To be precise, Disney is no more...
Disney's CEO has recently returned to normal, so I'm looking forward to it.
"Loki Season 2" has recently started streaming after leaving the middle of nowhere.

I have high hopes for these characters because I like them, but I'm not really looking forward to watching them. We need to reverse this trend. Please, Marvel, please, Disney! !
Well, I haven't heard any good rumors about "Marvels" which is scheduled to be released a little later, so I'm a little worried, haha.
I hope it doesn't end up like DC's Flash, but it still crosses my mind that even though Flash was a lot of fun, it was the worst death in DC history...
I need to finish watching Secret Invasion before the Marvels release.

I kind of like Marvel.

Here is what I would like to introduce to you today.

Blanc YM / Wool half zip pullover

Blanc YM / Wool half zip pullover
Color: Black
Size: S/M
Price: 35,200 yen (tax included)

Oversized half-zip pullover.
It maintains the classic half-zip impression while creating a gentle, mannish silhouette typical of the brand.
Fleece is made from wool and cotton, and unlike synthetic fibers, it has an uneven bulge and a soft shine.
The single layer construction provides a soft and lightweight feel.
It is made without any details or accessories in order to take advantage of the expression of the fabric.
The high neckline fits just the right amount of neck and uses Excela zip for a classy decoration.
It features a relaxed A- line silhouette and goes well with everything from slim pants to loose pants and can be styled with a variety of styles.
Made of 50% Wool / 50% Cotton, it has no tingling sensation that is typical of wool and is smooth to wear.

Half-zip items are one of the items that I find interesting every season.

This time, I had included a personal order when ordering, so I was able to get it safely.
I wore it for the first time when the item arrived, and it was nice.My judgment when ordering was correct. I'll say it again, nice.

I'm looking forward to the time when I can start wearing it regularly.

There is only one of each size left for this item, so if you are interested, or if you and I really want a matching pair, please hurry.

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