Blanc YM / Short Trench Coat

Blanc YM / Short Trench Coat

Good evening.

I participated in the Shimonoseki Kaikyo Marathon!

I had done everything I had to do and wasn't nervous at all until just before the race, but when I got off at Shimonoseki Station and saw this number of runners, I was a little scared lol

All the members who entered the race successfully completed the race.

And miraculously, I achieved my goal of breaking 4 hours and sub-four.
I'm cool when I follow my word.

However, I was able to do so because of the advice I received before the marathon from Dr. Oge, my friends who gave me Chinese herbs and medicine before the marathon, and the friends I ran with. I feel like I was able to make it through being supported.

It wasn't as bad as I expected for my first full marathon, but it was really tough lol

That's definitely not the distance a human can run. .

I will never forget the taste of the post-race beer I drank in Shimonoseki.

The beer felt extremely sweet to my exhausted body.

The event was held even after returning to Fukuoka.

A day of running and drinking a lot.

It was a good experience.

I think it's okay to run a full marathon for a while lol

Starting today, I am standing at the store with a limp due to muscle pain in most of my lower body, so thank you for your help.

Now, I would like to move on to the main topic.


Blanc YM
Short Trench Coat


price ¥78,100 (tax included)

A short trench coat created from the image of Blanc YM 's standard short trench coat cut in the center.
Leave the PK cloth part to highlight the cut-off specification .
The large umbrella yoke and buttonless design give the fabric movement.

The fabric used this season is 100% wool produced in Bishu .
An original ombre color wool calze material made by dividing 2/30 worsted wool vertically and horizontally to create a deeper color.
Furthermore, the vist processing gives it just the right amount of firmness, stiffness, and a supple touch to the surface.
I also love Blanc YM's short trench coat.
Open the front for a rough look, tie the waist belt for a classic look, or close the button at the neck for a wrap coat look.
You can change the way you wear it depending on your mood.
it's recommended.

Blanc YM online page

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