Blanc YM 24SS 3rd delivery

Blanc YM 24SS 3rd delivery

The other day I was invited to a food and beverage event where I was asked to take pictures of the event, and it turned out to be really nice, so I took a quick look.
A special collaboration night in which OHAKO, a terrace dining bar in Imaizumi, petro, a standing bar, restaurant and cafe in a rented space, and Bar DD, a tiki chictail that is new to Fukuoka, have teamed up.
It will be held over two weeks on February 17th and February 24th (both on Saturday nights).

(Introducing just a few of the events.)

When we announced this event on Threads, two of PRANK's customers, ``Mr.
It's refreshing to meet customers outside of the PRANK store.
The food, drinks, space, and staff all got more than perfect scores! !
I'm glad to see that both of you were very satisfied with the event.

Lately, I've been receiving a lot of praise for my hobby of photography, and I'm glad that I've been blessed with this opportunity. (I'm still not very good at taking pictures of food, haha)

If I get a chance, I'll post it on my (Tani's) SNS, so if you're interested, please feel free to DM me. Let's play!

Well, today I would like to introduce this.
24SS, this product from "Blanc YM", which will be delivered for the third time, will be on sale on February 23rd.

Blanc YM / Rebuild Cotton Knit Pullover
Material / Cotton
Size/S, M
Color / Ecru, Moss Gray
Price / 33,000-(Tax in)

The material is 100% cotton thread with a pseudo-linen finish that is characterized by its dry touch .
Rebuild design pullover knitted with 7GG .
Although it looks like the front and back parts are sewn into two parts, they are knitted together and have an elaborate construction with an inside-out pattern.
The design has a 1cm to 1.5cm difference between the top and bottom .
The cuff ribs are also misaligned, as if they were an afterthought.
There is also a knitted fabric change that shows the elbow patch, making this a knitted item that expresses the design only by expressing the knitted fabric.
The silhouette is a simple relaxed silhouette with slightly dropped shoulders.

Blanc YM /
Cotton Wide Sweat Pants
Material / Cotton
Color / Slate Blue
Price / ¥29,700-(Tax in)

Wide straight sweatpants.
Although it is made of sweat material, the open front design and silhouette have details similar to slack pants.
The length is about the size of a one-piece cushion, and it has a universal basic silhouette, so it can be used all year round.

We use sweat fabric with a soft texture that feels like it contains air, knitted by a long-established fishing knitter in Wakayama.
It has an attractive vintage-like atmosphere with a nep feel as if the lining threads protrude from the surface.
It is a material that can be used all year round with a fleshy feel that is not too hot.
A loop knitting machine has low production efficiency, but since it knits at a slow speed and uses the weight of the yarn, there is no excess tension, resulting in a fluffy, bulky, and durable fabric.

This type 2 will be on sale from this Friday, February 23rd , so please take note.
If you have any questions, please feel free to DM or call me.

Click here for the Blanc YM mail order page.

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