allege / Product Dye Semi Flare Denim

allege / Product Dye Semi Flare Denim

In preparation for going to see John Wick 4, I rewatched ``1, 2, 3''.
It's extremely refreshing, and the fact that it seems to hurt is also very realistic.
I'm tempted to comment on what's going on with the worldview, but I can't help but watch and wonder if that's the way the world is. Lol I was just watching it and realized that I absolutely love the way the images look like in Nolan's ``Batman'' and ``John Wick.''

I think people who know what I'm trying to say will understand.
I think boys like this color scheme.
The works are also extremely interesting, so be sure to check them out! !

Well, today we'll be introducing this color, which is extremely rare for denim.

Product Dye Semi Flare Denim

col. brown

price ¥39,600 (tax included)

Semi-flare denim from allege.

A semi-flared silhouette that gently spreads from below the knee to the hem.

An uneven design expressed through product dyeing. I think the pale coloring makes it easy to blend in with your styling, making it an item that you can wear all year round.

Please try it.

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