4/22 NOCHINO OPTICAL release

Starting tomorrow, I will go to Tokyo for three days off.
I don't have any particular purpose, just chatting on WhatsApp with my friends in Tokyo.
I wish I could take some photos that are unique to Tokyo.
I've decided on a few places to go, but it's been a while since I've been to Tokyo, so if you have any recommendations, please let me know.

This doesn't matter, but this is what I'll be taking with me on the plane tomorrow.
A zombie movie that I had been looking forward to for a long time but had forgotten to watch.
Personally, I love zombie and shark movies.
I'll definitely watch it if I find it, no matter how bad it smells.
Among them, "Sharknado" is by far the most recommended.

And tomorrow, I won't be there, but as I have announced many times.
Tomorrow, April 22nd, is NOCHINO OPTICAL release day.
It will be released in advance at stores, so please enjoy it at the store.
(The EC site will be available from 4/24 → Click here. )

For more information, please visit this link. → NOCHINO OPTICAL Details

36,300 yen

Gloss Black x Clear to Gray (photochromic lens)
Gloss Black x Gray Green to D.Grey (photochromic lens)
RICH AMBER × GRAY GREEN to D.GREY (photochromic lens)
Citron & Amber x L.Smoke Green

35,200 yen

GLOSS BLACK × CLEAR to GRAY (photochromic lens)
CLEAR SMOKE OLIVE × GRAY GREEN to D.GREY (photochromic lens)
GLOSS BLACK × GRAY GREEN to D.GREY (photochromic lens)

We have already received many inquiries, and both models are very popular, so please contact us as soon as possible.

Tomorrow I'll be shopping at the same time they open before I go to Tokyo. lol

Look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Not a full moon, but just before the full moon

The Japanese people value the moon before its fullness.

The beauty of lack, the beauty of incompleteness, the beauty of blank spaces.

13th month, later month
Perfection and satisfaction cannot be achieved through lack. It is assumed that something that does not appear appears.
By figuring out how to make scarcity beautiful,
It makes people feel the beauty of satisfaction.

Glasses are the 13th month, as well as the later months. It is incomplete when it leaves the hands of the craftsman.
The products we offer as the 13th month.

During the Heian period, when The Tale of Genji was born, people were sensitive to the seasons. Wearing colors that match the season,
Incorporating it into daily life was a taste of the aristocracy.

Enjoy the modern taste of wearing colors that match the seasons,
It is completed when each person anastomoses with a different owner.

Fukui Sabae Kinsei

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