23AW 「Rich I」がスタートします。

23AW "Rich I" starts.

That's it! Let's go to Kumamoto.
My shisha club, commonly known as ``M-gun (tentative)'', and I went to see a very famous shisha restaurant in Okinawa that had just opened a store in Kumamoto, just like when we were students.

While enjoying shisha with a different approach than usual.
A nice chill time to decide where to go on your next expedition.

Wanting to at least leave behind proof that they have come to Kumamoto, Troop M heads toward Kumamoto Castle while bathing in the scorching sun as their leader commands, "Let's walk!"

(Unintentionally, everyone wears NOCHINO OPTICAL, so you can feel the bond among the members.)

After a long journey in the extremely hot weather, we arrived at a spot with a panoramic view of Kumamoto Castle.
The sunlight hitting the castle was such a perfect timing that my fatigue was blown away, and I couldn't help but smile even though it was Mister's 5th anniversary.
Please note that the "M Corps" is currently recruiting members, so if you are interested, please let us know.

A new door may open. lol

That's all for my memories,

This time we will be introducing a new brand starting from 23AW.

"Rich I"

In 2021, designer Takeshi Ichinomiya started the fashion brand Rich I.
Rich I is a fashion brand created by Takeshi Ichinomiya, the designer behind the well-known brand Number (no.) at PRANK STORE.
A design that pursues high-quality materials, functional beauty, and processes.
We offer items that will create a rich and stimulating daily life.
The brand name Rich Eye includes Rich, Implement, Item, Idea, Identity, and Informative. It includes words that mean various key elements of a brand, such as ``na'', Ideal (ideal/best), and I (first person).
Through Rich Eye items, we convey the message that we want you to get closer to your ideal self.

23AW items will be arriving from Rich I this week on July 21st.

Here are the items that will arrive this time.


Made of wool felt fabric that has just the right amount of flesh to maintain its shape.
This item has a design divided into 4 parts and the use of stitch work to match.


We use tanned leather, which is tanned using tannin, a plant-derived ingredient, and thick, high-quality smooth leather.
Based on the drawstring type design, the design has been adjusted to an elegant and high-end feel of just the right size, and the design has a minimalist look, such as the belt detail on the shoulder.


A small-sized helmet bag made of tanned leather that is tanned using tannin, a plant-derived ingredient, and high-quality smooth leather with a fleshy texture.
This item is based on a design that incorporates the details of a helmet bag, and uses leather to create an elegant item.


Uses original ester cotton fabric that has both firmness and a unique luster.
The key point of the design is that it has a unique rounded shape that has been released since the beginning of the brand, and the addition of a tuck design creates a unique atmosphere.

These 4 types will be arriving at PRANK STORE this time.
This is an item that we haven't seen in our store before, so we hope you'll look forward to it.

The item is expected to be in stock on July 21st. Thank you for your understanding.

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