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TOZAOU "Wallpaper Band Collar"

Regular price ¥29,700


* This oversized band collar shirt is made from original jacquard fabric that has a deep damask pattern created by varying the thickness of the warp and weft threads. There is a single bead pocket on the left and right hips.

* Sorry to sound rude, but from elementary school to high school, I used to spend so much time going to the bathroom in the morning that I decided whether to go to school or not based on my stomach. Many memories were created because of this experience, and the pure white damask patterned wallpaper still remains in my memory. I think this was the space where I had the most imagination and imagination for the day, including my anxiety and expectations.

Length 78,0 Shoulder width 59,0 Sleeve length 57,0 Width 63,0

Length 80,0 Shoulder width 60,0 Sleeve length 58,0 Width 65,0

Designer: Mr. Uori

TOZAOU is a men's wear brand from Osaka . Based on the concept of `` clothing that betrays people's standards of conformity , '' we use trivial and unconscious things that form human life as design sources, and by inserting suits and workwear that feel the era and background into the context, we create humorous men's clothing. Suggest clothes. Paying respect to Japanese craftsmanship, the designers themselves put themselves in the traditional tailoring field and are involved in everything from material development to pattern making and sewing. I carefully consider what kind of gestures and actions these expressions will lead to, and create clothes that connect relationships between people.

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