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Regular price ¥30,800

The front side is gray, and the fleece is yellow, which is reminiscent of the dirt and yellowing on walls. I made the ground. Even though the fabric is tightly packed in two parts, the texture is a little rough, and by minimizing the amount of softening in the wash, it creates a fabric feel. Made with a material that gives you a feeling. A reversible tailored vest. There are glove pockets on both sides. You can change the size of the waist position with the buckle. to come. One day in the middle of winter, while I was working, I suddenly had to stay overnight at the office. In an environment where heating equipment was far less available than air conditioning, I was able to beat the cold by wearing layers of B -products when I went to bed. The tailored vest I was wearing inside at that time was very warm.

<SIZE> Staff wearing: Height 169cm
Size L Shoulder width: 39cm / Width : 51cm / Length : 66-61cm

Front side : wool 82%, triacetate 18% / Back side : 100% cotton

Designer: Mr. Uori

TOZAOU is a men's wear brand from Osaka. Based on the concept of `` clothing that betrays people's standards of conformity , '' we use trivial and unconscious things that form human life as design sources, and by inserting suits and workwear that feel the era and background into the context, we create humorous men's clothing. Suggest clothes. Paying respect to Japanese craftsmanship, the designers themselves put themselves in the traditional tailoring field and are involved in everything from material development to pattern making and sewing. I carefully consider what kind of gestures and actions these expressions will lead to, and create clothes that connect relationships between people.

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