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TOZAOU"Jacket Lining Shirt"

Regular price ¥33,000

This shirt is lined with 100% cupro yarn-dyed gingham.
This is a special cupra that is hand washable and wrinkle resistant.
The design is such that only the lining is removed from a tailored jacket, so the seam allowance is exposed, the bag inside the pocket is exposed, and there are two tailored sleeves .

Working for a company in the men's clothing business, which is still my base today, I had the opportunity for the first time to sit inside a craftsman's factory and watch them stitch a tailored jacket in its entirety, from step 1 to step 10 .
This item was born from the experience of being moved by the process by which unfamiliar parts of cut fabric gradually become recognizable as clothes with a sense of déjà vu.

<SIZE> Staff wearing: Height 169cm
Size M Shoulder width : 46cm / Width : 55cm / Length : 75cm / Sleeve length : 62cm
Size L Shoulder width : 48cm / Width : 57m / Length : 78cm / Sleeve length : 64cm

<Material> Cupra 100%

TOZAOU Designer : Mr. Uori

TOZAOU is a men's wear brand from Osaka . Based on the concept of `` clothing that betrays people's standards of conformity , '' we use trivial and unconscious things that form human life as design sources, and by inserting suits and workwear that feel the era and background into the context, we create humorous men's clothing. Suggest clothes. Paying respect to Japanese craftsmanship, the designers themselves put themselves in the traditional tailoring field and are involved in everything from material development to pattern making and sewing. I carefully consider what kind of gestures and actions these expressions will lead to, and create clothes that connect relationships between people.

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