TOZAOU "Torn Mitten Bag"

Regular price ¥10,780


A gray and white gingham check fabric is cut into a bias tape shape based on a wool and PE white blend fabric, then woven together as a weft, and the finished fabric is hand-cut to create a blank space to create a cut jacquard. It is a pochette that looks like a school lunch bag using original fabric.

TOZAOU Designer : Mr. Uori

TOZAOU is a men's wear brand from Osaka . Based on the concept of `` clothing that betrays people's standards of conformity , '' we use trivial and unconscious things that form human life as design sources, and by inserting suits and workwear that feel the era and background into the context, we create humorous men's clothing. Suggest clothes. Paying respect to Japanese craftsmanship, the designers themselves put themselves in the traditional tailoring field and are involved in everything from material development to pattern making and sewing. I carefully consider what kind of gestures and actions these expressions will lead to, and create clothes that connect relationships between people.

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