Tangenet "Sanada"

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A ring belt with a star and stripe pattern based on the American flag.
The overall length is set at 150cm, which is rather long, and the fabric is thick yet soft, so it is designed so that the excess part hangs down when wrapped around the waist.
This item is perfect as an accent for simple styling or a set-up.

SIZE Total length 150cm / width 3cm

Material: 100% cotton

Fusion of Western and Japanese
Clothes that will one day become vintage
Delivering the DNA of Japanese manufacturing

A brand name that combines the words "network" (connections between people)

The intersection of Western and Japanese clothing
The intersection of fashion and basic
The intersection of vintage and modern
The intersection of man and woman

Through creative activities that can only be realized through human contact
We will promote Japanese Manufacturing and pass on the traditions of Japan's wonderful craftsmanship through clothing.