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superNova. "Jersey track pants - Paisley Jacquard"

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These track pants are made from original knitted paisley jacquard jersey material.
The thread used is polyester, which is breathable and stretchy, while still providing a firm thickness.
Focusing on the convenience of attaching and detaching the buckles and webbing belts of climbing pants and adjusting the waist, the waist is designed to conform to the specifications of climbing pants and the bag fabric is made of mesh material.
The webbing belt features an apple logo pin label.

M Size
Waist 74-90cm Rise 30.5cm Inseam 71cm Thigh width 36cm Hem width 28cm
100% polyester%

The brand concept is to "express the historical background, events, and the things that the designer feels on a daily basis through the filter of fashion."
The brand believes that the beginning of clothing can be traced back to when Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, which gave rise to the knowledge of good and evil, in the Old Testament. The designer uses an "apple" as the brand's icon because he wants to never forget his original intentions when it comes to clothing and craftsmanship.