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superNova. "Aloha shirt - Sunflower manganese kasuri"

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This aloha shirt uses manganese kasuri, the only remaining fabric found in Mitsuke, Niigata, one of Japan's leading textile production areas since the Edo period.
Mangan kasuri is a type of dyed kasuri made using techniques that have been handed down since the Taisho era, and its distinctive feature is that the pattern becomes more familiar to the fabric the more it is washed.
The sunflower patterned manganese kasuri, made with linen and ramie threads, exudes a nostalgic atmosphere.
This is an open-collar shirt with a loose body and shell buttons.

Size S
Length: 68cm / Shoulder width: 55cm / Bust: 136cm / Sleeve length: 23cm
Size M
Length: 70cm / Shoulder width: 57cm / Bust: 140cm / Sleeve length: 24cm

75% linen / 25% ramie

The brand concept is to "express the historical background, events, and the things that the designer feels on a daily basis through the filter of fashion."
The brand believes that the beginning of clothing can be traced back to when Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, which gave rise to the knowledge of good and evil, in the Old Testament . The designer uses an "apple" as the brand's icon because he wants to never forget his original intentions when it comes to clothing and craftsmanship.