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Overalls made with the world's most ultimate high - count typewriter .
Designed with the motif of old workwear overalls .
By using minimal fabric , we have created a new style of overalls that is not a work piece .
It is full of unique details that are highly practical , such as the drawcord at the waist , which are not found in the vintage original .
A versatile item that will accent your outfit just by wearing it .
Comes with front pocket, chest pocket, and hip pocket.


[Size M]
Width: 55cm / Rise: 36.5cm / Inseam: 66.5cm / Wat: 35.5cm / Hem width: 18.5cm
[Size L]
Width: 57.5cm / Rise: 37cm / Inseam: 69cm / Wat: 37cm / Hem width: 19.5cm

DESIGNER: Yoko Sakamoto A Japanese unisex brand based on the concept of ``design that transcends the bounds of ready-to-wear and handmade clothing,'' and the designer herself proposes products that people would want to wear as everyday wear.
We don't have a theme for each season, and we try to be as relaxed as possible, avoid unnecessary designs, and keep close to the essence of our products.
The selection of raw materials, the ever-evolving high-quality fabrics and high-quality sewing of the modern world, and even a system that allows the garment to take on a different look the longer you wear it have all been taken into consideration to create a wonderful product. .