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Regular price ¥37,400

Rich I

Switching and stitching design is a key point.
Original boot cut silhouette with just the right amount of room.
Trouser details such as pockets create an elegant impression.
Denim fabric with an atmospheric fade process and an expressive look.

100% cotton
[Size 46]Wearing staff: Height 169cm
Waist: 78.5cm / Rise: 27.5cm / Inseam: 66cm / Hips: 104cm
[Size 48]
Waist: 81.5cm / Rise: 28cm / Inseam: 67cm / Hips: 107cm

◉Rich I

DESIGNER: Takeshi Ichinomiya
In 2021, designer Takeshi Ichinomiya started the fashion brand Rich I.
Rich I is a fashion brand created by Takeshi Ichinomiya, the designer behind the well-known brand Number (no.) at PRANK STORE.

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