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TTT MSW "Open collar shirt"

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The 200/2 fabric feels like silk ,
It is made of high-quality material made possible by densely weaving ultra -fine * ultra-long cotton and * silospan * compact yarn.

*1 -Ultra- long cotton- Because the fibers are long and contain a lot of oil, it has the highest quality of being soft, shiny, and smooth .
*2 - Silospun - A technique that simultaneously spins and twists twin yarns in a series of flows.It is particularly suitable for spinning fine-count yarns.It is characterized by its thin, supple texture and luster.
*3 - Compact yarn - By weaving the "fuzz" that normally occurs during spinning into the inside, there is less fuzz in each row, resulting in a glossy and beautiful surface.

[Size L] Wearing staff: Height 169cm
Shoulder width: 51cm / Body width: 65cm / Sleeve length: 25cm / Length: 67cm
[Size XL]
Shoulder width: 53cm / Body width: 68cm / Sleeve length: 26.5cm / Length: 70.5cm



DESIGNER: Shota Tamada A modern streetwear brand that advocates ``genreless, genderless, borderless.''
By skillfully using various special materials, we are attempting a new approach to real clothing, and we propose products that emphasize comfort and functionality by using high-quality fabrics.