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TOZAOU "mimi Track Slacks"

Regular price ¥27,500


Slacks with “Mimi” as a side badge line.
It is made with a denim pattern to use the ears, and by threading it through the center crease, it creates a silhouette with beautiful volume in the inner thighs, which is not found in traditional slacks.
The elastic at the waist is made of rubber and hemp string.

When I work at a tailored sewing factory, I end up with a lot of leftover fabric from items that are no longer mass-produced . Each factory processes it regularly.
There is a fabric called selvedge inside.

“Mimi” is a border that is woven separately to prevent the fabric from fraying, and this is where the name of the manufacturer and country of origin are written on the fabric of a suit, and is used as a method of advertising and branding.
Therefore, there are fabrics with vibrant colors and designs that go against the plain suit fabrics.
However, in original suit-type items, the hem part is not used and is discarded during cutting.
When I'm working on cutting, I often find fabrics with color combinations that really appeal to me.
However, I felt uncomfortable with the act of throwing it away in the trash, and I realized that it could only exist within fabric manufacturers and tailors.

This project was started with the aim of bringing "Mimi" to the center of the design.

[Size L]

Staff wearing: Height: 169cm
Waist: ~92cm / Waist: 36.5cm / Hem width: 27cm / Total length: 100cm

Designer: Mr. Uori

TOZAOU is a men's wear brand from Osaka . Based on the concept of `` clothing that betrays people's standards of conformity , '' we use trivial and unconscious things that form human life as design sources, and by inserting suits and workwear that feel the era and background into the context, we create humorous men's clothing. Suggest clothes. Paying respect to Japanese craftsmanship, the designers themselves put themselves in the traditional tailoring field and are involved in everything from material development to pattern making and sewing. I carefully consider what kind of gestures and actions these expressions will lead to, and create clothes that connect relationships between people.

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