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By knitting the cotton yarn with a gamma processing into a bumpy tuck stitch, we create a moderate firmness and exquisite transparency, which means that the garment does not stick to the skin, allows plenty of air to pass through, and provides a cool, comfortable fit.
The knitted fabric is available in the same color or subtle color combinations depending on the color. The tuck knit is reversed to add a playful touch that is typical of MEIAS.

<About GIMA COTTON> This is cotton processed with Japanese hemp imitation. Hemp imitation is a process in which fibers (yarn) and fabrics (cloth and fabric) are processed to have a texture similar to hemp. Hemp imitation processing originated in the Koto region of Shiga Prefecture, which has long been famous for its high-quality hemp textiles. Resin is applied to the surface to create a hard texture similar to hemp. Resins include konjac powder, viscose, gelatin, and casein, but GIMA COTTON uses konjac resin. It is made from konjac mannan, a dietary fiber contained in konjac yam, the raw material for konjac, so it is a natural material and a processing method that is kind to both people and the environment. Processing can give it a crisp and refreshing feel. It is highly breathable and absorbent, and it can suppress fluffing, making it suitable for summer materials.

<Size> Staff wearing: Height 169cm
[L] Sleeve length: 49cm / Width: 66cm / Length: 68cm


MEIAS is a Japanese knitwear brand that offers unisex clothing.
Based on the concepts of "Unisex," "Standard everyday," and "Scientific knitwear," the company creates knit items that utilize the experience it has cultivated over many years in material development and knitting techniques.